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// Building a network of trust

About Us

Aretiico is currently operating in stealth mode and is engaged in the creation of a platform to place trust at the heart of all digital relationships. Digital trust is wholly reliant on the verification of all identity, be that human or machine, and the issuance of secure credentials. To meet that need we are developing infrastructure that:

  • Is non-subvertible and scalable for millions of users
  • Incorporates policies that meet market needs and add value relative to legacy solutions
  • Provides delivery channels that are scalable to attract and sustain very high volumes of users
  • Implements best practice technologies and policies

Planned functional specification

Use cases

Secure browsing

Signed and encrypted messaging

Secure apps & data storage

Trusted identity verification

Private attribute sharing

Regulated payments and transactions

Permission based blockchain apps

Trusted news distribution

IOT security

Proxy key re-encryption