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Building the digital trust and privacy solutions that successful digital economies rely on

Secure registration

Strict adherence to privacy requirements

Digital identities

Issued according to specific need

Transactions secured

Validating authenticity, rights and access

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Trust at the heart of digital security

Billions are invested every year in cybersecurity hardware and software by individuals and organisations around the world and much of that investment is targeted at what we at Aretiico call secondary security. It is aimed at preventing, and dealing with the aftermath, of ‘bad actors’ (individuals and increasingly, machines) attacking and disrupting the digital systems we rely on.

At Aretiico, our view is that more attention needs to be paid to primary security – digital exchanges based on a trusted relationship between verified entities; human or machine. With that trust relationship in place, the need for secondary security solutions is dramatically diminished.

We’re building a next generation platform to meet that need. It is one that will verify and register users and issue secure digital identities or personal attributes according to need. Those verified identities will be used to secure transactions, validate authenticity, prove rights and allow access to digital platforms globally.

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