For Cybersecurity Entrepreneurs

There is no need for entrepreneurs to swim in a small pond when an ocean of opportunity is available. Aretiico is a tribe of like-minded technology entrepreneurs who have joined forces to grow their businesses faster and at lower cost. Together we supercharge mutual international expansion by sharing access to back office services, joint G&A and support services, global sales channels, funding and when the time is right strategic exit.

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For Customers and Channel Partners

Aretiico works with inspirational entrepreneurs to source portfolios of cybersecurity products on behalf of enterprise customers, OEMs, systems integrators and resellers. Aretiico only selects products that are technically excellent, commercially complementary and produced by trusted vendors. Aretiico matches capability with need, delivered through a single source, thereby taking the complexity out of cybersecurity for end-customers.

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For Investors and Strategic Acquirers

Blockchain, quantum cryptography, GDPR ... cybersecurity is complex and confusing for investors. Through more than 20 years global and sector experience, Aretiico knows which cybersecurity entrepreneurs offer the best investment or acquisition opportunities. We know the best channels to market and we curate a prequalified bundle of cybersecurity vendors for strategic roll up at minimum risk.

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Unlock your growth potential

Aretiico is a new concept in the cyber security market. Aretiico’s mission is to enable specialist technology vendors to access some of the world’s largest markets more effectively and at much lower cost than has previously been possible by sharing a backbone of services. In turn, this presents enterprise customers with a single, simplified platform for meeting complex needs at a competitive price point.

Ecosystem Disruption

Aretiico’s aim is to disrupt existing inefficient channels to market through the robust application of market experience, business ethics and technical excellence. Delivery is through a global ecosystem of regional trusted supply chain partners who share a common vision. This enables Aretiico to think globally but execute and support locally.

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Next Steps...

Meet the founder and learn how Aretiico can match cybersecurity expertise with business need and make the World a safer, more secure place.