Digital Trust

Aretiico's core competency is a deep commercial and technical understanding of how to establish, prove and assert the identity of people and things in the connected world.

This is built on Aretiico's detailed knowledge of how to manage cryptographically protected identities at scale across complex business and technical ecosystems.

In the future digital identity will be subject to the opportunities and challenges posed by blockchain and quantum computing. Aretiico's partners are building solutions that bridge into these new environments while preserving current infrastructure investments.


Aretiico is expert in the science of authentication. Authentication matches digital identity with permissions and access rights. It ensures only authorised people and entities can securely access information, systems and devices. Strong authentication is essential to confidentiality, privacy and security for enterprises, governments, citizens and consumers. The key to effective authentication is a comprehensive understanding of cryptography key management and biometric technology. This is Aretiico's 'DNA'.

Internet of Things & Payments

Aretiico knows that the security of the Internet of things and associated big data is critical to the operation, privacy and reliability of connected devices, applications and systems.

Aretiico understands that many IOT devices will be linked with cloud services and that payment for these services will be a forcing function for the adoption of better IOT security. Secure payment platforms are therefore implicitly required to supportĀ IOT growth.

Aretiico and its partners have the skills and IP to solve this problem.

Regional focus

Initially, Aretiico will be focused on enabling cyber security companies from around the world to enter the US market and in assisting US companies to sell into selected international markets including the EU, UK, Middle East and Australia.

Vertical sectors

Initial vertical markets will be Government and regulated industries including financial services, critical national infrastructure & health care.

Next Steps...

If you are concerned or confused about how to implement solutions for digital trust, authentication, IOT or secure payment or simply want to invest in entrepreneurs who are driving the market contact Aretiico today