The following FAQs explain in more detail how Aretiico can supercharge growth for vendors, channel partners and investors.

How do we help Vendors?

Many successful cybersecurity vendors struggle to break out of their home markets or narrow products sets. This limits growth potential.  Aretiico powers its clients to leap from niche regional markets into bigger global pools of customers.

Through an international ecosystem of partners, and depending on client specific needs, Aretiico can work in the role of trusted agent, reseller, solutions builder, funding partner or strategic corporate advisor.

Aretiico curates a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and a one-stop shop for sales growth and international expansion lead by some of the most trusted and experienced leaders in the cyber security industry.

How do we add value to Channel Partners

When the "Vendor that lays the Golden Egg" looks like every other vendor, how do busy regional OEMs, systems integrators, distributors and resellers find the supply partners that can deliver competitive advantage?  Aretiico solves this problem by preselecting cybersecurity vendors from around the world who produce truly exceptional products. We then nurture these vendors to ensure they keep on producing 'Golden Eggs'.

Aretiico is a trusted source of proven cybersecurity components that are best-of-breed, interoperable and delivered through a standardised contractual framework. This reduces time to market, procurement costs and complexity throughout the supply chain.

How do Investors profit?

Looking for a strategic investment or contemplating a pan-industry 'roll-up'?

Investing in 'better mousetraps' in the cybersecurity industry is technically difficult and commercially risky. Aretiico mitigates this risk by sourcing solution sets of complementary products from multiple vendors that are proven to meet specific market needs.

Aretiico’s investor clients benefit from a pre-selected portfolio of carefully vetted cybersecurity vendors who are typically ‘below the radar’ from a corporate funding perspective. These companies, individually or collectively, represent significant investment opportunities in one of the ‘hottest’ yet most complex of industries to understand.

In what regions does Aretiico operate?

Aretiico's main focus is introducing international companies to the US market and assisting US companies to export to the major European and Asian markets. Washington DC and London are our main centres of operation.

What is Aretiico's USP?

Aretiico is founded on the belief that sustainable economic advantage flows to those companies that:

  1. Are founder operated
  2. Have technically excellent IP with future potential
  3. Have built distribution channels in their home markets and are ready for international expansion
  4. Generate repeat long term revenue streams

Aretiico has the experience to identify  those companies that meet these criteria. We start by following the entrepreneur and only then do we assess the technology and routes to market. Once we decide to back an entrepreneur we provide access to our distribution channel and investment partners to facilitate accelerated growth.

Why should I trust Aretiico?

Aretiico founder, Richard Parris, has been a public company cybersecurity Chairman and CEO for 17 years. Working under the public spotlight for so many years he has proven his integrity and trustworthiness.

He has a unrivalled network of relationships at the highest levels across the cybersecurity industry and internationally with government and enterprises, with strategic majors and investors, and with technology companies and systems integrators. The power of Aretiico is Richard's ability to network these resources in common purpose.

Richard sees what others so often overlook. He recognises the power of the entrepreneur. He has lived with the complexity of the technology and market structure. He knows how difficult it is to raise money and manage investors. Most importantly, he understands that cybersecurity and digital trust is under-resourced and under-capitalised.

Richard's vision is to use his trusted reputation as the core of an ethical network of smart entrepreneurs distinguished for their experience and technical excellence - without excellence there can be no security - without ethics there can be no trust.

What does Aretiico mean?

Aretiico is a single word that encapsulate the company's mission and values.

Derived from Arete (Greek) and means the 'virtue of excellence of purpose'. This is an essential quality for any cybersecurity business. Only aretaic companies are invited to be members of Aretiico.

Areti is a Greek name meaning someone (or a company) who is 'ethical, fair and honest'. Aretii is a 'tribe' of the Areti-like companies and Aretiico is a tribe of Areti working in common enterprise.

In French, Arete also means fish's spine which aptly describes the global backbone that services Aretiico's member companies.

Aret is an old English word for 'to entrust'. Aretiico is trusted by it's customers.

Therefore, Aretiico speaks for a group of ethical companies working as a single entity to deliver trusted solutions through excellent technology using a common backbone of services.