Our Vision

Aretiico's vision is to build a next-generation disruptive platform for cybersecurity based on digital trust and identity based on an assembled tribe of talented partners from around the world.

This is needed because:

  • No vendor has the critical mass to deliver complete solutions
  • There is a global shortage of cyber skills
  • The technical domain is hugely complex
  • Threats are growing faster than the response
  • CISOs are increasingly ill-equipped to make buying decisions
  • Regulatory penalties are escalating

The founders of Aretiico believe the current industry structure is too fragmented to deliver solutions of the scale and integrity required to provide businesses, governments and consumers with appropriate levels of safety, privacy and confidentially.

Aretiico was founded to address this problem by binding selected companies together in common enterprise.

Aretiico founder, Richard Parris, discusses the philosophy and concepts behind Aretiico:

Richard further explains he importance of selecting only the best partner companies and why the start up community has a critical role to play in building the next generation cybersecurity industry.

Our Approach

Aretiico was founded to enable specialist cybersecurity vendors to achieve global scale fast through a backbone of common services including:

  • marketing platforms;
  • product line aggregation;
  • streamlined sales channels;
  • shared 24/7 customer support and response;
  • cross-border regulatory compliance;
  • shared access to growth funds, and
  • planned routes to exit.

Our Core Values

Cybersecurity cuts to the heart of society by ensuring good governance, national security, financial well being, physical safety, liberty and freedom, inclusion and health.

This is a responsibility that demands the most aretaic approach:

  • Experience to understand the complexity
  • Ethics to be trusted - people first
  • Excellence in technology and execution as essential virtues

Our Story

After 18 years at the helm of a public cybersecurity company and 26 years in the industry, Aretiico's founder together with a close-knit group of industry CEOs, came to the collective realisation that the cybersecurity industry is poorly served by its current structure. The sector is currently dependent on many entrepreneur-led companies that have world-class niche products. These businesses are collectively fragmented and individually challenged in terms of their abilities to scale for growth. At the same time, the global skill shortage for cybersecurity is critical within both the buyer and vendor communities.

Paradoxically, at a time when cyber security threats are exploding, vendors are under-resourced and buyers are confused by the myriads of fragmented products. As a result, vendors remain sub-scale and buyers continually defer critical purchasing decisions. This is a business, national security and societal exposure that creates a significant business opportunity.

Meet the Team

Aretiico has assembled an international team of advisory board members, partners and associates spanning product producers, integrators, enterprises, regulatory, investors and legal. Nowhere can a cybersecurity entrepreneur gain access to such a wide span of practical assistance and experience. We believe the empowerment of the entrepreneur is the most reliable way to create mutual wealth.

The Founder

Founder & CEO

Richard Parris has 18 years of experience as former Chairman and CEO of Intercede Group plc, a UK public company focused on cybersecurity and digital trust. Richard founded Intercede in 1992 and led it through all stages of growth, including an IPO on the London Stock Exchange and the establishment of a US business that accounted for 75% of global sales.

With entrepreneurship in his blood, he built the first sales channels in Europe in the 1990s on behalf of several major US cybersecurity companies.

A frequent conference speaker, Richard has spent more than two decades connecting technology innovators with sources of funding as well working with cyber policy leaders in DC, London and Silicon Valley.

Our Investors

Directors & Advisory Board

Aretiico is powered by a fast growing Swiss venture capital platform.

Aretiico CEO, Richard Parris is a founder investor in this funding platform and is it's Senior Cybersecurity Advisor.

Through this platform Aretiico has access to a conveyor belt of innovative new cybersecurity companies seeking access to global markets.

Aretiico also promotes it's existing member companies to investors around the world,  including strategic industry partners, institutions, PE, VC and family offices through the Viva Capital ecosystem.

The Co-Founder


Aretiico's operations team is headed by Jayne Murphy.

Jayne has 18 years’ experience as Chief Operations Officer at Intercede, a leading digital trust software and solutions provider.

Jayne oversaw the creation of a cybersecurity software development and delivery infrastructure that generated a total of £100m of global sales and managed the commissioning of 5 offices in the UK and US. In this role she interviewed 1000's of highly skilled individuals to recruit more than 300 cyber professionals in the UK and US. In an industry where there is a critical shortage of human capital this is a key skill.

Prior to Intercede Jayne was a CEO in a major UK hospital.

Next Steps...

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